I’m Petr.

I hold PhD in Economics and Candidate of Science in Finance (Russian PhD equivalent) degrees. I’m doing empirical research in managerial economics. My expertise lies in empirical research in managerial economics, with a focus on data analysis in various fields, including intangibles and sports economics with an emphasis on eSports economics.

I have published in several reputable journals including the European Journal of Operation Research (ABS 4), Journal of Business Ethics (FT50, ABS 3) and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (ABS 3).

I have an extensive background in econometrics and machine learning, which I use for both research and teaching. I am proficient in R, Python, and Stata.

I have also gained valuable consulting experience by working on projects with companies such as Coca Cola, Sberbank, and Rostrud. For example, our team have consulted for Coca Cola on text mining for the analysis of their brand, for Sberbank we developed an NLP model for the prediction of ESG risks, and for Rostrud, our team implemented an analytical system for their website.

I am the Head of the international distributed research center – International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy of HSE University, Perm.

My CV is here.

Here are the links to academic profiles:

My wife Nastya is a genius photographer. We are proud parents of Katya and Egor.